Fairy Glen Elopement

A Fairy Glen Elopement

One of my most favourite weddings ever was a Fairy Glen elopement last year but this time it was not just the bride and groom who were in attendance but also their two gorgeous children, who played very special parts in the ceremony.

Manon and Patrick travelled from Luxembourg in their fabulous orange campervan with son Ben and daughter Lara, to their holiday house at Lyndale in the north of Skye. They had arranged to have their wedding at the Fairy Glen because they fell in love with it’s mystical appearance.

I arrived at their accommodation to meet them and was so impressed with the effort they had gone to in preparing for the ceremony. Lots of beautiful details, from the quaich in which they would drink their first drink together, to the ribbon used in the handfasting with special charms to represent various important parts of their life, to the blessing book and even a sword which was made especially for them by Skye swordmaker Rob Miller.

When we arrived at the Fairy Glen we met up with Skye celebrant Sonja Eckl-Reil, who I work with a lot, and who creates the most wonderful ceremonies for her couples. Ben played a tune on his guitar as part of the ceremony and Lara also looked after the rings. It was a real family affair!

After the ceremony Sonja kept the children entertained in the van while I nipped off with mum and dad for a few photographs. Here are some of my favourites. PS Beautiful flowers by Donald at Loch Duich Plants.

If you are planning to elope to Skye, or planning a wedding anywhere in the Highlands and Islands, then get in touch because I’d love to hear about it!


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