Eloping to Skye on a yacht

Michelle and Gerry’s wedding on board the Solas a Chuain last summer was one of the most joyous Skye elopements that I think I have photographed. They are so laid back and fun – and Gerry has a killer sense of humour – that we all just spent the day giggling. Well, apart from the obviously very serious bit where they said their vows, of course.

Michelle had contacted me a couple of months before the wedding to tell me they were eloping to Skye. We had a great Skype chat while she sat in Starbucks in London and I made do with instant from my kitchen. I knew right away that it would be a fun wedding and was looking forward to meeting her and her husband to be.

Fast forward a few weeks and it was D Day. I met the couple at Duisdale Hotel where they were staying and then we headed down to the yacht, which is skippered by Duisdale owners Anne and Ken. I was hugely excited about this because I’d been asked several times to photograph a wedding on the yacht, but I’d always been booked already, so I was champing at the bit to get on board!

Local registrar Angela Dougan did the honours after captain Ken had sailed us out to a lovely wee spot in the bay and then it was champagne time before I disembarked – via sea taxi – so the newlyweds could go off for a day sailing. Later that afternoon I caught up with them again as they arrived back at Armadale and we had another photo session nearby.

Here are some of the images we took that day. If you are planning getting married on the yacht then get in touch – I’d love to hear all about it!

isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-001 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-002 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-003
isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-005 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-006 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-007 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-008 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-009
isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-012 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-013

isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-018 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-019
isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-021 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-022 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-023 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-024
isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-028 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-029 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-030 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-027
isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-033 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-034 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-035 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-036

isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-041 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-042 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-043 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-044 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-045 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-052 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-054

isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-051 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-050 isle-of-skye-elopement-on-yacht-048