Bunchrew House Weddings

I was back at Bunchrew House Hotel at the end of May for another of this year’s Bunchrew house weddings  – this time it was the wedding of Leanne and Ally who live and work in Hampshire. They are both scientists! A very clever couple! Leanne is originally from the Highlands and wanted to return here to marry so they chose Bunchrew and were rewarded with a glorious day and an outdoor ceremony under the big tree.

When I arrived on the morning of the wedding, two hours before the ceremony, the hair and make up was already finished so the girls were just chilling about, eating sandwiches and drinking some fizz – the atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. Leanne’s dad was proud as punch when he came to collect her to walk her down the aisle to join Ally, and rightly so.

After the ceremony everyone had drinks on the lawn – there was also a lot of bubble blowing going own and one of the grannies was particularly good!

The Highland Ceilidh Band from Inverness provided the entertainment for the evening dancing – they are superb so if you are looking for a ceilidh band for your wedding definitely check them out.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day. Feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below. If you are getting married and want more information about my packages, please get in touch here: CONTACT ME


A wedding at Bunchrew hotel Inverness

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