Bunchrew Hotel Wedding

The last two weekends in September I had a Bunchrew Hotel wedding and this time it was the turn of Edinburgh based Emma and Chris. Emma grew up in Inverness but now lives and works with Chris, a policeman, in Edinburgh, but it was to her hometown she returned to tie the knot.

Emma’s parents Karen and Graham and her aunt, had done an absolutely amazing job of decorating the venue. Graham had spent months searching out sets of matching plates with which to make cake stands – lots of them! Some were, of course, filled with beautiful home made cup cakes that he baked himself, while others were decorated with beautiful flowers. The stands were placed all over the dining room and the drawing room, as well as the reception and the bar, and just looked so lovely.

Emma was getting ready with her bridesmaids, best pal Louise, niece Rowan and Chris’s sister Jill. There were a few tears as Emma’s dad walked her down the aisle but these were soon replaced by guffaws of laughter over one of humanist Jackie Goode’s jokes; Jackie is very good at putting brides and grooms, not to mention their guests, at ease.

During the ceremony, Emma and Chris had a handfasting with a beautiful piece of material woven by Emma’s auntie. There was just so much love and effort put into this wedding by the couple’s nearest and dearest – it was lovely to see.

After the ceremony it was straight out side for drinks, canapes and cricket with the bride herself taking part. Now, I confess, I know next to nothing about cricket but she did look like she was doing alright for herself!

Speeches were before dinner and there were more tears but lots of giggles as well and as I left, the dancefloor was packed with happy guests and a Converse-wearing bride. Cool or what!

Here are some of my favourites and if, like me, you don’t like scrolling down with your mouse, just click on the first images, and then you can flick through the images using your arrow keys.

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